Anatomy of a Beer Festival Part 15

Part 15: The Beginning is the End is the Beginning?


And so our journey continues.  We may have started this chapter in our festival history with failure but I’d like to think our resolve and determination steered us on to greater things.  It might sound weird but all the heartache and failure at Alfreton made the enjoyment and success of last year’s festival at Strutts all the more satisfying.  Whilst this has been a testing period with lots of ups and downs, this part at least had a happy ending.  What lies in store this year or future years we don’t know but we are back heading in the right direction and continue on our quest to perfect the art of holding a beer festival.


Without trying to sound too philosophical (and pretentious) I like to think of it as an experience of the senses. When you step foot inside the venue it is not necessarily about one specific thing, it is often a culmination of everything: the taste of the beer, cider and perry, the smell of the food, the sound of the music, the historic venue, the atmosphere, the friendly banter with our staff, the sense of achievement when you win one of the tombola prizes and everything in between.  We look to find new ways to enhance this experience every year and hopefully with some of the changes we’ve made we will achieve that but only time will tell.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog series as much as I have enjoyed writing it and that you have gained some insight into some of the important things and hard work that goes into running a beer festival.  If there’s any topics you think I should write about in the future, anything you think I haven’t covered or anything you would like a more detailed explanation of please contact me by e-mail at


Thanks must go to all the wonderful volunteer staff who have worked for us in the past and continue to do so. It’s been a pleasure to share this experience with friends and I look forward to doing so for many years to some.  I cannot forget to thank all the loyal punters who have supported us and followed us to our third venue in our brief six year history.  Clearly none of this would have been possible without you enjoying the beers, the music and helping to create the atmosphere year in and year out.


I will follow up with a post or two about this year’s festival once it is over but in the meantime we hope to see you at Strutts over the weekend.


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