Socials & Survey Trips

For details of the previous survey trips please read the various posts on our blog.

We are proposing the following dates for free minibus beer survey trips in 2019 - all Friday nights and all having the first pick up at either Alfreton or Belper at 7.15pm and Ripley at 7.30pm, depending on who is coming and the route we are taking.  The other picks up points offered are Swanwick and either Heage or Kilburn Toll Bar (its not very practical to do both so again it will depend on who is coming).  We will try to book a 16 seater every month but may sometimes be limited to a 14 seater so, as always, its first come first served once the trip is confirmed.
Future Social Survey Dates for your diary:
Friday 17th May
Friday 14th June
Friday 12th July
Friday 16th August
Friday 13th September
Friday 11th October
Friday 15th November

For the monthly social survey trips via minibus please contact Trevor Spencer by e-mail at:, or mobile number 07982 943 944 for more details or to book your place.


Additionally, please find below a list of proposed dates for City and Town Pub Walks.

These trips are all undertaken by public transport and confirmation of meeting places and times will be made over social media, closer to the dates, although it is generally a 1pm start.  Non-CAMRA members are always welcome on these trips.  We only tend to walk half a mile at the most between pubs as they are generally city and town centre walks.
Once the walks have started, people tend to stop and eat when they feel like it and catch up with us later if we have moved on.  Its up to you when you decide to leave for home - we usually go to 7 or 8 pubs and finish around 6-7pm but some hardy individuals carry on until much later.


Saturday 25 May - Chesterfield & Whittington Moor
Saturday 22 June - Sheffield


Cider Saunter

A stroll around Nottingham to coincide with their cider month will be held on Saturday 27 July 2019. Meet in the main foyer at Nottingham rail station at 12pm.