Social Secretary Report – January 2018

Social Secretary Report – January 2018

Phil Marshall organised a pub walk around Sheffield on Saturday 9th December which 12 members attended. They were joined by Andy Cullen from Sheffield CAMRA who recommended a few different pubs to visit.

18 members joined the Nottingham pub crawl on Friday 29th December and enjoyed a good day out, starting at the Organ Grinder and John Borlaise Warren on Canning Circus, the Room with a Brew, Barrel Drop then David Harper led us to the Lace Market/Hockley area to try some which were new to most of us – the Herbert Gilpin, The Angel and Six Barrel Draughthouse. From there everyone split up to make their way home – those of us heading for Derby had a last one in the Malt Cross.

The next survey trip will be on 16th February 2018. I have already circulated a list of proposed dates for the year – all Friday nights – and Neil Barratt has confirmed he can supply a bus and driver for them all.

Jane Wallis – Social Secretary
Amber Valley CAMRA

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