Fruit Ciders – Support the Motion at CAMRA’s AGM, Nottingham

You probably know that under CAMRA’s current definition of Real Cider, fruit ciders are not classed as real and therefore cannot be sold at CAMRA festivals, although many pubs sell them. Fruit flavoured beers are, of course, acceptable, and at every cider bar I run I get numerous requests for fruit cider. Many of those asking are young (by CAMRA standards anyway), and by not selling these products CAMRA is doing a fine job of shooting itself in the foot by failing to engage with people who might otherwise be interested in joining the campaign.


Three years ago a motion was put to the AGM, proposing to change the definition of Real Cider to allow a range of flavourings. This was narrowly defeated, but a similar motion (number 19, proposed by Kent Branches) is on the order paper for the forthcoming AGM at Nottingham. I urge you all to go to the AGM and vote for this motion. It is the last but one motion, which means that it will be debated on the morning of Sunday 19th April. If you haven’t attended CAMRA’s AGM before, now is an ideal time to do so, it is easy to get to Nottingham’s Albert Hall. You will need your CAMRA membership card. See you there.


Chris Rogers

Amber Valley CAMRA Chairman

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