Beer Festival Staffing Form

If you would like to volunteer to work at this year’s Amber Valley Beer & Cider Festival please complete and submit the form below.

There are known issues with the form on Apple devices which we cannot resolve. We recommend using a Windows, Linux or Android-based device to complete the form.

To access the rest of the form that isn’t displayed on your screen you need to scroll down. This can be done using the scroll bar to the immediate right of the form or clicking within the form and using your arrow keys.

When you click submit, please wait for onscreen confirmation that your form has been submitted.  If you don’t get it it’s because there are missing answers on the form. In that case, enter the missing information, click submit and wait for the confirmation.

We still require a few more volunteers for the following days and times:

Tuesday 25th Sept 9am – 5pm (setup)

Sunday 30th Sept 10am – 6pm (our final session is 12 – 2pm followed by takedown afterwards)

Please help us out if you can.


If you have any problems with the form please get in touch with Phil Marshall, Staffing Officer at or on 07828 19 77 95.